Interested In Dropshipping?

Dropshipping Made Easy!

We make, source, and buy fashion apparel, home decor, and pet products you won't find anywhere else! Sell more product from over 10k suppliers.

We'll inspect, photoshoot, and send samples straight to you, so you can focus on branding and building your community. We drop new products often so you can be the first to sell them. When new orders come in, we'll ship straight to your customers. Bring your new ideas to life, without any upfront costs.

Worry less about shipping and let us handle it! We are here for you.

Dropshipping is the new hassle-free way to sell!

We do all the work (including shipping!) so you can sell with ease. We source and provide quality products for your store with no inventory cost upfront.

You are only charged when your customer places an order in your store. We ship the order on your behalf once the order has been placed.

Sign up or log in to your account on Request to connect your account to your shopify store under account settings. Wait for a confirmation/verification email which will enable you to install our KiwiDropshipping application. When logged into your Shopify account, our app will automatically be connected to your store.

In order to use KiwiDropshipping, you must have an online store via Shopify. You can go to the Shopify website and create a store for free. Once created, you will be able to install our app!

Click here to set up your Shopify store.

Currently, we are only integrated with Shopify. However, you can download photos and description from KiwiDropshipping and post to the site you wish to sell on.

You can then place the order with us once the item has sold via another platform. If your customer pays for a prepaid label via the other platform, please email us at with the prepaid label and order number immediately after the order has been placed.

KiwiDrop is headquartered in beautiful Peachtree Corners, Georgia!

What you see is what you pay! Unlike other traditional dropshippers, we offer free shipping on all orders. We strive to provide you with the best selling experience!